We design and develop websites for companies and associations. In particular, we feel we are best able to meet the needs of small and micro businesses. Our design is based on our client's customers, we make the site clear and informative, easy to navigate, visually stylish and consistent with the corporate identity.

If you have plans about website, please contact us for a assessment of your website implementation. The easiest way to contact is by → email or → contact form or → offer request form. On this page you will find information about our implementation methods and how we work with a website project.

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The first step in a website project is contact. Once you have contacted us, we will begin to refine your needs. You can contact us by phone, email or via request for quotation form, but before contacting us, please review the initial information we need to provide so that we can make an offer to suit your needs. You can find the necessary information by scrolling down the page.

If we receive a comprehensive clarification of your needs already in your first contact, we can make an offer based on it. If you are not sure about something in your first contact, we will help you with the initial information.

After your contact, we will arrange a narrower or more extensive initial survey, if necessary, until we know your assignment in more detail. Initial mapping can be done in many ways, such as via email, phone or web conferencing. Contacting, invitation to tender or initial information clarification do not bound you to anything, until we have completed the preparations and we are ready to start the actual activities, we will confirm the assignment separately.

In the request for quotation and the initial mapping, we find out and agree on, among other things, the number of pages, we are looking for a style direction for the site and we go through what kind of functions and effects and additional features the website will contain. The above-mentioned matters are always agreed upon on a case-by-case basis, and the price of the website is largely determined by these needs. The estimated completion time of the website also depends a lot on your needs for the site, the estimated completion time without more detailed information is from two weeks to two months.

In the request for quotation or otherwise in the initial survey, we also go through how the different devices are taken into account in the design and implementation. Web pages can be implemented in a responsive way, so that the pages work smoothly when browsing on a computer, tablet and smartphone. Or the pages can be optimized for computer use only.

In order for us to implement a website for you, you must have a domain and web hosting reserved. You can arrange the above reservations yourself, but if you wish and by separate agreement, we can reserve a domain name and a suitable web host for you without any compensation to us. But the cost of hosting or a domain to a third party, we do not provide.

Designing the layout and structure of the site

The layout and functionality of the website will be designed to suit your needs on the basis of what was agreed in the initial clarification.

We design the layout according to your wishes, if you have advance plans, we go through them already in the initial mapping phase. We study your plans and keep them as a starting point for further planning and development. Alternatively, if you don’t have ready-made or precise plans and if you want, we can start thinking together about layout options. Or you can leave the design to us, in which case, of course, we will also show you alternative design bases and trends that you accept before we move on.

So first we design the look and structure of the site, based on this design we start to make the actual site. Changes to the planned look and structure are possible at any stage, within reasonably limits, so you don't have to be absolutely sure of everything at this stage.

In the design phase, we agreed on things like font, colours, image sizes, and layouts, among other things. The more precisely and the earlier it is possible to determine, for example, the space required for text and images and their locations on the pages, the better it is in terms of the end result. We therefore strongly recommend that if the content has not yet been produced at the design stage, then at least its future amount should be known. And at the design stage at the latest should start producing content.

Thanks to our way of working, the end result of the project, i.e. the website, will be tailored just right for your company or association.

Website implementation

After planning, we start building the site. We make the web pages by encoding them in HTML. If necessary, we also use other coding languages in the implementation, but the HTML is still the basis.

Building involves using code to define the look and functions of a site, including the font model and size, colours, image sizes, locations, site elements, effects, and advanced features.

During the construction phase, we will add the ready-made content you produce to the site. In other words, all the material that comes to the pages should preferably exist at the latest at the beginning of the construction phase, for example, on old pages or in text files. Adding ready-made content to your site during the construction phase is automatically included in the price. By separate agreement, we may agree on another type of arrangement in terms of content.

If agreed separately and if necessary, we can, for example, participate in the production of content. Our price does not include content production or additional services without a separate agreement, these and other similar additional work will increase the price and will always be agreed separately. Nothing that you have not ordered separately will never be billed.

If you wish, you can add the contents of the pages yourself, such as text and images. However, in principle, we recommend that you leave the addition of content to us during the building stage. When a lot of content need to add to multiple places at once, it is simply easier for us to do it.

Coded website

As mentioned above, we implement websites by coding, we do not use website platforms. Here are a few things to example, why we believe that we can provide the best overall result with a coded website, and so our implementation method would be the best option for you as well.

First, we can highlight affordability. In the simplest form and the default, third-party domain + hosting package will be paid once a year, at the most affordable price this package seems to be 39 € / year. We estimate that the features included in this price are sufficient for most micro and small businesses. The cost of a web hosting mainly depends on the required disk space, if the site has dozens of pages or the site uses a lot of videos or a huge number of images, a larger web hosting package may be needed, even then the domain + web hosting package costs only about 60 - 110 € / year.

Another thing, a coded site is easy to maintain. An encoded site does not require system updates, and no backups are required other than when making changes. The publishing system is built into the C-Panel / control panel. You can edit the page in C-Panel using its internal system, your computer's Notepad software or a separate HTML editor.

An encoded site is lightweight, meaning it loads and runs quickly and doesn’t take up a lot of disk space. Speed and disk space are affected by, among other things, the content of the pages, but in principle, the site does not require loading time.

Generally, a coded site does not incur any additional costs or other subsequent charges. In some cases, however, you may want or need to order an add-on from a third-party service provider, such as an e-commerce button and a booking calendar.

One of the advantages of this implementation method is that the site is almost fully customizable from start to finish, for example, the layout, details and functions are almost completely customizable. The design is not limited by a pre-made page template to which the content should conform. We go by the content and the page template adapts to the needs, as we always create a unique and needs-based page template.

Site content update

If, at a later stage, you need to update the content of the site (edit, add, delete or change text and images), you can do it yourself or order an update.

Once the site is complete, you can order to updates on its content from us. By separate agreement, you can order updates from us as needed, either occasionally or regularly. Additional services are agreed separately.

If necessary, you can add and edit content yourself. The content of the website can be updated, for example, using the Notepad software and C-Panel. We will advise more on alternative update methods and the price includes guidance on how to update and the basics of the updates.

The site is encoded and later the content can be updated via the code. To update the content, if necessary, verbal instructions can be added to the predefined sections of the code to make the updates.

If the site needs a major update, such as changes in appearance or structure, the updates will be successful also from other players in the field, but of course we will be happy to take care of any updates in your site. By separate agreement and as needed, all updates related to the site can be ordered from us.

In this video, a change is made to the web page using Notepad software.

Easy to stay in touch and see progress

Communication during the project is easy, for example, by telephone and e-mail, so we are easily available throughout the production of the website, regardless of where your office is located.

Throughout the creation of the website, during the design and construction phase of the website, you will be able to see the progress either from the web address or from the files I send as e-mail attachments or similar method. For changes or other comments, you can, for example, call or send an e-mail.

Website order includes

As we have pointed out above, e.g. adding content to the site during the construction phase and instructions on how to make updates to the finished site content are included in the order as needed and at no additional cost.

Because we have a great image gallery, we can offer free limited licence to use images on website or other products ordered from us. In other words, if you order a website from us, for example, and find an image or images in our image gallery that you would like to use, this can be done. You can go to the photo gallery here.

If you wish, we can offer basic search engine optimization as part of the package, we will take care of the practicalities of free search engine optimization partly by doing it ourselves and partly by advising you on how you can influence the findability of the site yourself. For free search engine optimization, the orderer must produce the content that may be requested at the manufacturing stage. Creating a website sitemap for search engines is part of the package if the orderer so wishes.

And to make sure the site is pleasing and polished, we offer a reasonable number of small updates to the look and content of the site for a period of one month after completion of the site, if necessary. That is, if you want us to add text or images to an existing page or edit them, or do other small enhance, just contact us and tell us what should be done so we can take care of it. In addition, we provide free technical support for one month after the completion of the site. We will also be available later for technical support and updates.

Clarifications before commencement

When we start a website project, we need to know, among other things, what kind of advance plans you have for the site.

Website design and implementation costs are affected by e.g. the scope of the site, additional features, additional services and whether the site is made responsive, as well as what kind of functionality and complexity is desired for the site, so we cannot make an exact offer without a specific request for quotation. What matters in terms of price, however, is not one page here and there, but rather the number of different functions on the site, the desired complexity of functions and layout, the number of links between pages, and also how varied material you want to present on the site.

If there is a schedule for the completion of the site, please indicate when the site should be ready. In addition, you should at least briefly inform us about your company in a sentence or two, for example, about the services and their content, products, the background of the company and also a little about yourself. You must also undertake to provide the materials and information we need within the agreed or otherwise reasonable time, including e.g. logo, ready-to-use images, ready-to-use texts, and answers to background questions I ask during the design and construction phase. By separate order, we will format the contents as long as we get the facts, even if listed in dashes. At different stages of the project, we also need feedback from you within a reasonable timeframe. In order to be able to put the site online and provide you with the opportunity to follow and comment on the completion of the site online, you must provide us with temporary access to the site’s C-panel / Dashboard.

After a request for quotation or an initial clarification, we will make an offer at a fixed cost, to which no additional price will be charged during the project, unless additional services are specifically ordered.

Whether the intention is to make a small or extensive website with pages of any number or any kind of entity, in any case the websites will be implemented from start to finish with care and according to your needs.

Things to clear up

Please contact us for a quote → by email, or you can request a quote directly online → by request form.

At least tentatively, your contact should include the following:

✔ Name of the contact
✔ Company
✔ Email
✔ Business id
✔ Postal address and postal code
✔ Background information (Information about your business, such as information about your services and their content, your products, your business background, and a bit about yourself)

✔ Request for quotation (Describe in general terms what you need)
✔ Schedule (Indicate if there is an exact deadline for completion)
✔ Site scope (The total number of pages)
✔ Responsive or not (Whether the site is made responsive or computer-only optimized)

✔ Layout style (Simple / complex, lots of details, etc., is there are any pre-definitions, freely describe how you see the layout style)
✔ Site functions, effects and details (If you know certain functions, effects, layout details, or other site-related details that you want for your site, please refine your views)
✔ Example websites (Are there any websites that are similar to the site you want or have the features you want?)

✔ Need for additional features:
- Language versions
- Contact form
- Photo gallery
- Facebook commenting
- Facebook feed
- Other social media embeds
- Installing Google Analytics on your site
- Creating website related email
- Chat
- Other similar
- Refinements to additional features (Specify the need for additional features, if appropriate

✔ Additional services
- Domain registration and webhosting reservation 0 €/£/SEK
- Regular site updates 15 € / £ 13 / 160 SEK / h
- Occasional site updates 20 € / £ 17 / 210 SEK / h
- Content production (writing, photography or videography) from 20 € / £ 17 / 210 SEK / h
- Logo design 100 € / £80 / 1000 SEK
- Business card design from 50 € / £ 40 / 500 SEK + print
- Other marketing material design (view Marketing materials)
- Other similar
- Refinements to additional services (Specify the need for additional services, if appropriate)

✔ Other messge (You can also write other related post if you need to)

Do not hesitate to ask for more information on website design and implementation. You will get in touch with us, among other things → by emailand→ Contact form, we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Contacting or requesting a quote does not oblige you to order.

Our preliminary prices

1 page
200 - 300 € / £ 170 – 250 / 2100 - 3100 SEK
- e-business card - business presentation
- the purpose is not to make an endless scrollable page, but rather a concise presentation of the appropriate length.
- with this price range additional features can be excluded

2 - 10 pages
starting from 300 - 500 € / £ 250 - 400 / 3100 - 5200 SEK

5 - 15 pages
starting from 500 - 1000 € / £ 400 - 850 / 5200 - 10400 SEK

For the price, what matters is not one page more or less, but rather the number of different functions on the site, the desired complexity of functions and layout, the number of links between the pages, and how varied the content on the site is to be presented.

If the service is provided on an hourly basis, the minimum charge is 1 hour.

All prices VAT 0%

Work samples

The following websites Deep Forest have designed and implemented:
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