We design and develop websites for companies and associations. In particular, we feel we are best able to meet the needs of small and micro businesses. Our design is based on our client's customers, we make the site clear and informative, easy to navigate, visually stylish and consistent with the corporate identity.

If you have plans about website, please contact us for a assessment of your website implementation. The easiest way to contact is by→ email or → contact form. On this page you will find information about our implementation methods and how we work with a website project.

Initial preparation

The layout and functionality of the site are designed to meet the needs of the orderer. The website can be made responsive, making the pages work smoothly while browsing on a computer, tablet and smartphone. Or the pages can only be optimized for computer use.

We arrange the launch meeting via telephone or network connection, and if necessary, a concrete meeting is also possible. The layout is designed according to the wishes of the client, for example, we start with alternative templates and other designs as needed, which we will develop further. You can give comment on work and development, and changes can be made to a reasonable degree at any stage. The end result will be tailored to the orderer.

We reserve the domain and web hosting upon separate agreement and at no additional charge as required. But the cost of web hosting or domain charges of a third party we do not provide.

Site development

We make the site by encoding them in HTML. We add ready-made content that you produce to the site, so any material that comes to the site must be present, for example, in old pages that can be copied or as text files.

When separately agreed, we can participate in the production of the content as needed. Our rates do not include content production or additional services without separate agreement, these and other related additional work will increase the price and will be separately negotiated. Anything you do not order will never be billed.

What functionality a web site will include is always considered in advance by the client, and the price of the web site will depend, among other things, on the extent of the website, content type and functionality, from these issues depends also site production time. Estimated production time is from one week to two months.

An HTML built site has many benefits for its owner. A coded site does not require any mandatory updates or monthly fees, and usually it does not need payments of additional parts or any other payments afterwards. However, in some cases it is worthwhile or necessary to order an add-on from a third-party provider.

At its simplest, you pay your web hosting and domain name at most once a year, for a total of about 40 - 110 € / £ 35 - 90 / 415 - 1150 SEK depending on the amount of disk space required by the site.

Later updating the content of your site

When you later want to update the content of the site, you can order a separate content update, but you can add and delete content also yourself. For example, editing can be done with the Notepad program on your computer, of course, here we give you more advice.

At this point must be mentioned, even though the content of the site can only be changed through the code, the site content modification by oneself will be easier because, if required, we make clear markings in the code for the parts where can be made editing. We will go over more closely the guiding related to this, and it is included in the price.

In a nutshell, a site can be edited with, for example, Notepad or similar, and there are also free and paid website development software that give you even better editing of the content. The site can also be edited directly from the web hosting control panel. It is easy to export customized content to a web / web hosting directly from website developer software (the company has Adobe Dreamweaver, but there are others) or download it from through the web hosting control panel. Among other things, we provide technical support for this.

Major updates to your site can be done also by other professionals, but of course we will be happy to take care of any updates to your site. On a separate agreement and as required, any future updates to the site can be ordered from us. Additional services will be agreed upon separately.

Easy communication and progress monitoring

Communication during the project can be done easily, for example via telephone and e-mail, so we are within easy reach, no matter where are you.

Throughout the process of building a website, you can see the progress online, where we save the site right from the start. You may, for example, call or email for changes or other considerations, and we will always save the latest version online.

What website order includes

The basic form of search engine optimization and site map generating for search engines is included in the package if the client so wishes, ask for more information if needed. For search engine optimization the client must produce the site descriptions that may be requested during production.

In addition, we provide free technical support for a period of one month after the completion of the site, and a reasonable amount a small number of minor updates to the layout and content of the site, if required. Meaning that if you want us to add text or pictures to an existing page, or edit them, or do some other little tweaking, then just contact us and tell us what to do, we'll do the job.

Clearings before commencementh

When we start a website project, we need to know, among other things, what kind of advance plans you have for the site.

Website design and implementation costs are affected by, for example: the scope of the site, the quality of the content, the additional features, the additional services, and whether the site is responsive and what kind of functionality and complexity the site needs, so we cannot make an exact offer without a more specific request for quotation. For the price, the biggest matter is not that there is a page more or less, but rather the number of different functions on the site, the desired complexity of functions and layout, the number of links between the pages, and how varied material the site is needed to be displayed.

If there is a schedule for completion, please let us know when the site should be ready. In addition, you should inform us about your company, for example information about your services and their content, your products, your business background and also a little about yourself. You must also commit to supplying the materials and information we require within the agreed timeframe, including: logo, ready-made pictures, ready-made texts, answers to background questions. On separate order, we will formulate the content as long as we get the facts, even if they are listed with dashes. During the various stages of the project, we also need your feedback within a reasonable timeframe. In order to provide you with the opportunity to monitor and comment on the completion of the site, we should be given access to your site's web hosting/C-panel.

After the request for quotation, we will make a quote at a fixed cost, and the price does not rise unless additional services are specifically ordered. About price, overall we can say that our website pricing starts at 200 € / £ 170 / 2100 SEK and larger sites can be expected to cost 500-1000 € / £ 400-800 / 5200 - 10400 SEK.

In any case, web pages are executed from start to finish with high quality according to the needs of the orderer, no matter how many pages or at any entirety.

Things to clear up

Please contact us for a quote → by email, or you can request a quote directly online → by request form.

At least tentatively, your contact should include the following:

✔ Name of the contact
✔ Company
✔ Email
✔ Business id
✔ Postal address and postal code
✔ Background information (Information about your business, such as information about your services and their content, your products, your business background, and a bit about yourself)

✔ Request for quotation (Describe in general terms what you need)
✔ Schedule (Indicate if there is an exact deadline for completion)
✔ Site scope (The total number of pages)
✔ Responsive or not (Whether the site is made responsive or computer-only optimized)

✔ Layout style (Simple / complex, lots of details, etc., is there are any pre-definitions, freely describe how you see the layout style)
✔ Relative quality of content (How do you see the content split, including text and image, if you also have other content visions, report about it, eg about video. Content dividing helps to visualize the whole, and it is not absolute. For example, you can report this way: '30% pictures and 70% text' or 'text in 5 sections and 5 pictures' or otherwise rough estimates)
✔ Special features and effects on the site (If you wish to have special functionality, effects, and related detail on the site, then refine your views)
✔ Example websites (Are there any websites that are similar to the site you want or have the features you want?)

✔ Need for additional features:
- Language versions
- Contact form
- Photo gallery
- Facebook commenting
- Facebook feed
- Other social media embeds
- Installing Google Analytics on your site
- Creating website related email
- Chat
- Other similar
- Refinements to additional features (Specify the need for additional features, if appropriate

✔ Additional services
- Domain registration and webhosting reservation 0 €/£/SEK
- Maintenance (regular site updates) 15 € / £ 13 / 160 SEK / h
- Occasionally updating the site 20 € / £ 17 / 210 SEK / h
- Content production (writing, photography or videography) from 20 € / £ 17 / 210 SEK / h
- Concrete meeting 20 € / £ 17 / 210 SEK / h
- Logo design 100 € / £80 / 1000 SEK
- Business card design from 50 € / £ 40 / 500 SEK + print
- Other marketing material design (view Marketing materials)
- Other similar
- Refinements to additional services (Specify the need for additional services, if appropriate)

✔ Other messge (You can also write other related post if you need to)

Do not hesitate to ask for more information on website design and implementation. You will get in touch with us, among other things → by emailand→ Contact form, we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Contacting or requesting a quote does not oblige you to order.

Our preliminary prices

1 page
200 - 300 € / £ 170 – 250 / 2100 - 3100 SEK
- e-business card - business presentation
- the purpose is not to make an endless scrollable page, but rather a concise presentation of the appropriate length.
- with this price range additional features can be excluded

2 - 10 pages
starting from 300 - 500 € / £ 250 - 400 / 3100 - 5200 SEK

5 - 15 pages
starting from 500 - 1000 € / £ 400 - 850 / 5200 - 10400 SEK

For the price, what matters is not one page more or less, but rather the number of different functions on the site, the desired complexity of functions and layout, the number of links between the pages, and how varied the content on the site is to be presented.

If the service is provided on an hourly basis, the minimum charge is 1 hour.

All prices VAT 0%

Work samples

The following websites Deep Forest have designed and implemented:
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