Printable products

Deep Forest produces prints for a variety of products, and on this page, you can find products that you can order from us.
We print products for
  • our webshop
  • retailers
  • marketing products of our corporate customers
  • unique goods for private use

More common print materials and products, such as business cards, brochures, and related design services, can be found on the Marketing Materials page. On this page, you can learn about the possibilities of printing an image or text on objects such as mugs and key fobs.

You can order different sorts of printable products from us, we have more than 400 items to offer. Click here or 'Printable products' banner on this page to browse our PDF catalog. Sorry, at the moment catalogue is available only in Finnish, if you have questions of products, do not hesitate to ask.

In addition to the present product models, other products are also possible. So, if you have an idea about a product, contact us and find out the possibilities.

As printing-blanks can be used coated glass sheets or other types of plates, ceramic mugs of different sizes and colours, glass mugs, drinking glasses, thermos bottles, bookmarks, games as well as textiles etc.

The products in catalog are order-products, estimated delivery time is 1-8 weeks. Visit our online store → and check out our selection, average delivery time for these products is 5-15 days, depending on destination and delivery method.

All the products on the page are hand-pressed in Finland. On the products on our webshop are used the photos by Lauri Luhtaniemi. Take a look at the Photo Gallery at

Read more about our printing method by clicking here.

In printing, the main method is sublimation printing by means of which the pressing can be performed on a special coated surface or on a polyester material. The transfer image can also be pressed into the cotton material with the different special transfer paper and method. The best print is made on a white background, but the pressing is also possible for other light-coloured targets.

The superior advantage of the sublimation method is accurate and durable printing on different blanks. Especially when printing photos, the exact impression and good tone reproduction are praised, but also the printing of text or graphic elements alone can be done by sublimation.

The sublimation product is produced so that, after preparation on the computer, the printable image is printed with a specially designed printer and inks on the sublimation paper, after which the printout is attached to the printable surface and pressed with a suitable hot press for printing. In the hot press, the colour is transferred by vaporization into the coating or polyester fiber, in which case the print does not feel at the printing site and the colour does not fade or wear out.

Read more about printing your own illustration by clicking here .

The products are illustrated with a print ready material provided by the orderer. If you need a service provider to produce an illustration or make an image processing, it is needed to agree separately. It is also possible to order design work from the company. Images of the Photo Gallery from are also available if separately agreed.

However, we will automatically ensure that the illustration provided by the orderer is of the appropriate size and the result is successful. We will inform you if we find anything that requires it.

After delivery of the illustration, the products are individually printed according to the needs of the orderer. You can express your views on the look and printing of the products, and we will try to make the press according to your wishes.

In principle, the flat and white surface of the printed matter is the printable area. Maximum uniform printable area is approximately A4 if no exception arrangements are agreed. Printing is also possible on colored base, at least light colored, but on white base the color is bright. The white background is the best for photo printing.

Read more about ordering by clicking here.

If you have a certain kind of product in mind, you can also inquire about the printing work from this point of view, and we will try to find out the possibilities for organizing the product or products.

All products are not always available for reasons beyond our control, or the order time is long, so availability inquiry is recommended before the final order decision. If we cannot deliver the product, we will always notify it before order confirmation.

In principle, there is no minimum order quantity, but when ordered in small batches or single pieces and if the product is out of stock, the delivery time may exceptionally lengthen, but we will try to complete the order at the earliest opportunity.

If you see the product on our online store, it is likely that you are able to get the same products with your own illustration with a short delivery time, also applies single pieces and small batches.

We ship products to all parts of Finland and to a large part of Europe. The delivery will be charged a pre-announced amount according to the size and weight of the order.

Please contact us e.g. via email at lauri.luhtaniemi(a) if
  • you want to become a retailer of Deep Forest products
  • your company has a need for marketing products
  • you want to order personalized products as a private customer
  • you have any other questions about the products