Photographs of this site and image gallery are taken by Lauri Luhtaniemi. The largest entity consists of bear images, all photographed of wild bears. Also wolverine, wolf, fox and other animal images are taken from wild animals.

Lauri Luhtaniemi's cooperation with the camera began already in childhood, and he has some 15 years of experience in purposeful photography. All this time, nature, wildlife and related subjects have fascinated the photographer. From subjects being photographed, the bears and wolverines deserve a prominent position, they have been at the top of the targets since 2006. There are dozens of nights been spent in the photogarphy hides and countless encounters with our rarely seen beasts of prey.

And still these days, photography of nature and its phenomenons continues actively. The picture collection is expanded according to own needs, but the pictures are also produced on request. No subject or target is excluded, but the objects featured in the photo gallery are most own field. The actual area of special focus includes nature, wildlife and backpacking, in these areas can be benefited by extensive experience-based knowledge and visions.

The photos displayed in the gallery are available for purchase. If you have any questions about the pictures or are looking for certain kind of image, please contact us. There is more photos, for example, parallel pictures. The photo gallery is updated from time to time, if you want to be informed about new photos, follow the facebook page: →

When you want to order pictures, inquire about prices or other details, contact us by→ email or → contact form.

Open the image usage terms here.

Images will be delivered as high resolution basic-edited files by email or file transfer service.

Prices are based on one-time license and varies by the purpose and mode of operation, so when you ask for rates, should purpose and mode of operation be informed.

License of the photo usage is possible to expand to multi-use and/or regular use, if license expanding is needed, it is always needed to agree in separately. If use of certain image is needed occasionally but more than once in a year, it is possible to apply special re-use pricing with the image, the condition is that the license for image has been already once redeemed and re-use need to be agreed separately

When using the image, there must mention ‘Lauri Luhtaniemi’ as photographer, when mentioning is possible and depending purpose appropriate.

In case when image is used without redeeming the license in advance, will usage be charged +100% increased license fee.

After order confirmation photo or photos will be sent to informed email address. Invoice will be sent by email as PDF-file and payment is made as credit transfer.

Lauri Luhtaniemi's photos have been published on Finnish as well as internationally on newspapers and magazines, books, websites and marketing products. Some images are bought also for private use.