Marketing Materials

We design and implement large sets of different marketing materials as well as we work with individual marketing materials projects in print and digital format. Our clients are companies and associations.

We carry out graphic design of various marketing products and, if necessary, also handle the printing of print-products. All the marketing and other materials produced are designed together according to the customer's needs and starting points.

The services presented on the page can also be arranged separately, for example, design and printing can be done together, or design or printing alone. Ask for more information if needed.

You can browse the page or click on the title you want:

We design e.g.:

  • printable marketing products (see Printable products)
  • websites (see Websites)
  • business cards
  • logos
  • gift cards
  • advertisements
  • brochures
  • covers
  • flyers
  • stickers
  • tapings
  • labels
  • posters
  • banners
  • roll-ups

In addition to these products, we can design other products you need, contact us and let us know what you need.

You can contact us for example by
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Price information

Businesses are individual and business areas differ, so design features, needs and aspirations also differ to some extent and require a personalized solution. Thus, even pricing is not the right solution for all services.

For works that cannot be directly charged a fixed price, an indicative price range is offered. In the absence of a fixed price for the product, we will accept requests for quotations and more detailed design information. We strive to provide a fixed price for each request for quotation.

Some printed materials have good alternatives to print process implementation and prices. However, there are innumerable implementation options, which is why not all options can be priced directly in the price list. Ask for more information to implement your plans if your plan differs from the options presented, including size and material. The price of printed products depends, among other things, on the number of pieces, printing material and printing method.

VAT 24% will be added to all prices shown on this site.

Operating principles

The customer is the key to any business, so our starting point is that as a customer you are happy with the end result. We always execute the order to the best of our ability, so that the end result is of high quality and works well. Planning always starts from a "blank table", ie we do not use ready-made templates, but design everything from start to finish just for the customer.

Whatever material we are working on, in practice, we will first look at your preliminary plans. Based on your preliminary plans, we will develop the sketches. We'll send drafts for you to comment and tell us where we're going to develop more. As work progresses and at different stages, we will always send you the latest version of the design, so you can communicate your change requests at a low threshold if there is a need for change. When you are satisfied with the result, we will deliver the final product to you. We will also provide you with the original vector file.

We allow the orderer to have all the lead, when one wants, but we are the orderers guide to any situation where our advice is sought. We are happy to help you in the design phase from the very beginning and we help you with the selection of print materials.

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Websites → see Websites

We design and develop websites. Read more from page Websites.

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Printed marketing products
→ see Printable products

We design and print products according to your needs. Eg. photos, drawings, graphics and text can be printed on the printable products. We also print small quantities of products starting from one piece. Contact us already when planning your printing so we can provide the best help.

The products are printed on order as corporate marketing products and as unique consumer goods, also for own online store and resale.

For more detailed information on the range and prices of print products, please ask directly based on your needs. You can read more on page Printable products.

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Business cards

Business card design for 1 person:
One-sided 50 €
Two-sided 60 €

Business card design for 2 - 3 people:
One-sided 60 €
Two-sided 70 €

We design business cards and make ready-to-print materials. If you wish, we also take care of the printing.

Business cards can be designed as part of a larger entity or as a single assignment. Design work can be carried out as a new design or based on existing graphic guidance.

Business card print:

Option 1
One-sided 25 € / 100 pcs
Two-sided 27 € / 100 pcs
- for 1 person
- format: landscape 8.5 x 5.5 cm
- material: 300 g matt fine art paper
- finish: matt dispersion varnish on both sides

Option 2
One-sided 27 € / 100 pcs
Two-sided 29 € / 100 pcs
- for 1 person
- format: landscape 8.5 x 5.5 cm
- material: 300 g glossy fine art paper

Option 3
One-sided 28 € / 100 pcs
Two-sided 30 € / 100 pcs
- for 1 person
- format: landscape 8.5 x 5.5 cm
- material: 400 g matt fine art paper
- finish: matt dispersion varnish on both sides

Option 4
One-sided 31 € / 100 pcs
Two-sided 33 € / 100 pcs
- for 1 person
- format: landscape 8.5 x 5.5 cm
- material: 450 g matt SBS board
- finish: matt dispersion varnish on both sides

Option 5
One-sided 50 € / 50 pcs
- 1 - 3 henkilölle
- format: landscape 8.6 x 5.4 cm
- material: aluminum

If you want a business card base other than the one offered, please let us know and we will provide you with a 'design + print' package as you wish. Please submit your request for quotation with as much detail as possible about the type of print you want. Upon request, we will assist you in considering different options.

Ordinary business cards printed on white fine art paper without specialities are the most inexpensive option. More advanced choices will increase the price. The final cost of printing depends on the material chosen for the card (fine art paper, basic board, extra thick, aluminum, plastic, etc.), printing methods (digital, offset, sublimation) and special effects (eg. foil, target varnish, special pattern cutting, embossing).

Usually, the amount of printing a business card does not have a decisive effect on the final price of the printing, so ask for larger quantity if you need it.


Logo design 100 €

The logo and the trademark are the symbols of your business that are designed to make your business easily recognizable and attractive.

A good logo is always as simple as possible, memorable and always has an idea behind it. It should speak to you, but most of all your customers. You are not getting the logo for yourself, but for your customers.

A company logo may be accompanied by a symbol that may be related to the business or may be abstract. Logo and trademark are long-term representative of a company, so it should be functional also after long time.

The logo design includes versions for light and dark backgrounds. The version for light background is usually the logo that will be used first. The dark background version is practically an all white version of the logo, which is used as its name implies on the dark background to ensure the best contrast. These versions are important and belong to professionally designed logo entireties.

After the desing, in addition to the original vector file, we will provide you with as many PNG files of different sizes as you need, which are easier to use directly.

Vectorization of the finished logo 50 - 100 €

A jpg or similar file is not a good base form for the logo, as the image quality of the file type always suffers from changes and re-saves. Instead, it is advisable to have a vector version of the logo from which it can be saved, for example, in jpg or png format, in unlimited amounts and in any size without loss of quality.

We always design logos in vector format, but also your own designs can be converted to vector format. The logo, trademark or other image can be vectorized from a digital image or even a hand drawn image into a logo or other vector image.

The declared price assumes that the vectorizable pattern is simple. Simple and work that requires minor changes is faster and therefore affordable. The most inexpensive and best result of vectorization is when the drawing has strong lines and clear colors. The resolution of the vector images should preferably be more than 150ppi. In addition, if we know the name of the font used in the logo and if we have the font on our use use, it will speed up the work and thus allow us to keep the price lower

Complex jobs that require large editing or redraw, take more time, so the cost is commensurate with the job.

Ask for a more accurate price to vectorize your own image and we will give you a quote.

Click here to read more about the logo definition.

What is a logo?

We have noticed that it is common to talk about logo, when referred to the company name graphic design, the company symbol graphic design, or both at the same time. So let's start defining the topic.

The logo is the most important identifier of an organization and is used in business cards, papers and promotional materials and in all external activities of the company. A logo is a specific graphic representation of the name of a company, product, etc., with a combination of letters. The logo is often based on an existing font, but has often been further modified by changing the appearance, layout and relative size of the letters. In essence, the logo is the readable badge of the company.

Often, the word logo is also used in the sense of 'company, product, etc. emblem', 'company symbol'.

In addition to the logo and the symbol of the company, also the word "trademark" is in use. A trademark covers not only a logo but also a pictorial symbol, but often the logo alone is also used as a tradeamark.

But don't worry if the definitions of the logo are not clear. At the ordering stage, we ensure our common understanding, and we will continue to discuss whether the intention is to design a word part, symbol, or both. These definitions are irrelevant to the price as the word element and the symbol are available together or separately for the 'logo design price'.

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Work samples

The following layouts and marketing materials Deep Forest have designed and implemented:
Business cards
Deep Forest business card
- Aluminum
- Sublimation-printed
- Two-sided
- 8.6 x 5.4 cm
Business card
- Two-sided
- 8.5 x 5.5 cm
Business card
- 8.9 x 4.9 cm
Business card
- Two-sided
- 8.5 x 5.5 cm
Business card
- 8.5 x 5.5 cm
Business card
- 8.5 x 5.5 cm
Logos and icons
- Logo is refined from several options and on the basis of a customer-selected font
- The individual letters are designed as unique
- Colors carefully selected from several options
- Customized logo was made on the basis of client's pre-selected font and from the draft version of icon
- The individual letters are designed as unique
- Can be used together or separately as an icon and logo
- According to customer's instructions, black and white icon
- Custom font from several font options
- The individual letters are designed as unique
- Symbol implemented on the basis of a client's idea
- Font selected from several options, modified letters.
- Icon drawn on the basis of a customer draft
- Can be used together as text+icon, or separately as an icon and separate logo
- Implemented according to customer's advance plans
- The face icon is provided by a customer and icon is merged with a cross
Brochures, advertisements and more
- W85 x H200 cm
- Designed based on material provided by the client
- A4
- W200 x H100 cm
- BBC Wildlife -magazine 2017
- A5
Taxi price list
- Sticker
- 25 x 12 cm
- W85 x H200 cm
- A5
- Designed based on material provided by the customer
Mailing pack
- Picture to e-commerce mailing bag
- Picture is made from the basis of pre-designed elements
- 19 x 40 cm
Birdfair UK 2017
- Image banner 3pcs W200xH100cm
- Name banner W200xH40cm
- Exhibition table
- Wall maps W70xH50cm
- Two-sided brochures A4
- Business cards
- Service presentation on computer
Nature Photo of the Year -event Finland 2016
- Roll-ups 2pcs W85xH200
- Exhibition table
- Business cards
- Brochures A4
Layout and content production
Photographing Wild Brown Bear in Finland -book 2016
- Cover and page layout
- Image processing
Mielen väreet -book 2016
- Cover and page layout
- Image processing
Newsletters 2016-2018
- Layout and content production