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Mielen väreet
Lauri Luhtaniemi

139 pages
Size 20,5 x 13 cm
Language: Finnish
Published 2016
ISBN 978-952-93-6979-9

Poems from dark corners of mind. In the world of fears and suspicions, the mind is searching its balance in the pressure of world and itself and tries to solve, what on the surface of thoughts is real and what is delusional imagination.

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Photographing Wild Brown Bear in Finland
Lauri Luhtaniemi and Ari Sääski

300 pages
Over 400 photos
Size 21 x 30 cm
Languages: English and Finnish
Published 2016
ISBN 978-952-93-7243-0

Finland is the land of bears where the possibilities to photograph bears in the wild are almost unlimited. In this book we present the possibilities of bear photography in Finland. Ideas of different photographic themes are presented covering the whole bear season from the beginning of April all the way to the end of September.

The book presents bear photography possibilities and ideas as photos and text. Images in the book are from 31 photographers from more than 10 different countries. This is the first book of bear photography in the whole world. Before there were not photography book to orientate bear photography, although there are bear photographers more and more.