About Company

Deep Forest Ltd. is a company established in 2017, a concrete office is located in Oulu Finland. One of the company's basic principles is to provide its services in a flexible, high-quality and reliable manner.

The company operates in several fields. The main activities include the services presented on this website, which include
  • online store
  • product printing
  • website design and implementation
  • marketing materials design and implementation
  • image and text content production, in Finnish and English
  • photography

Other possible activities of the company may include the provision of travel and program services, publishing, camp activities, consulting, store operations and marketing in Finland and other counties.

As a small player, the company is able to operate flexibly and competitively. Due to our wide range of skills, services and industries, we are able to operate across a wide range of work areas, which also benefits our customers. The strengths of the company and the entrepreneur also include the creative richness of the imagination, but the simple elegance and clarity.

The company can provide affordable services thanks to its operating methods. Thanks to these practices, among other things, the costs of the business premises of the company do not increase the price of the services, the other thing that lowers costs is also to cut down on the actual meetings, as we mainly do business over the internet and telephone. Of course, the company also has a concrete address where we can meet our customers and where our customers can pick up their printed materials. When you order from our company, we are always available, at least via phone, email or even Skype video call whenever needed.

Experience has been gained also in marketing management for a nature tourism company, including marketing planning, visual and textual production mainly in English. This includes marketing through websites, newsletters, advertisements, fair events and social media.

In summer 2018

In the photo, entrepreneur Lauri Luhtaniemi visited Lapland for a week and couple days tour. The eighth morning came with the sun shining and warming. After the morning coffee, the journey continued 100 km to the village KilpisjƤrvi, where climbing the fjeld Saana waited.

Lauri Luhtaniemi

Vocational qualifications
⋆ 2006-2010 Vocational upper secondary qualification in Audiovisual Communication, Media Assistant
⋆ 2006-2010 Upper secondary school, Matriculation Examination
⋆ 2012-2015 Vocational upper secondary qualification in Child Care and Education and Family Welfare, Children's Instructor
⋆ 2017 Managing a growth company

Language skills

Finnish: native
English: proficient language user
Swedish: basic language user
French: beginner

Software used on a regular basis

Photoshop — image editing
Illustrator — producing vector graphics
InDesign — creating multi-page publications
Dreamweaver — website development

From the entrepreneur

I have been an entrepreneur since 2017. The home of the company and myself is city of Oulu.

Originally, I am from the area of Kainuu, I lived in Kajaani and Kuhmo most of my life in which I have grown close to wild nature and learned to appreciate it. Often I visit the regions of Kainuu e.g. because of its wonderful nature values.

Since 2012 I have lived in Oulu, which offers many wonderful opportunities. Oulu also offers opportunities to be in touch with nature, as there are many nature attractions in the surrounding areas. In addition to my business, I am an avid backpacker and nature enthusiast, when I manage to arrange time on these.

Remembered and fond memories

A couple of years ago, in 2018, I realized my long-term dream of going to Lapland with my daughter, what we had talked about for a couple of years. We did more than a week's car trip, with a tent and other supplies, and the food in the car trunk for most of the trip.

We did not want to make a more detailed itinerary before the trip and after the trip we had toured in Finnish northernmost Lapland and North-West Lapland as well as Northern Norway. This experience was so successful that we plan to make a similar northbound trip each year if the opportunity arises.

And in 2019 we made a new trip of two weeks. With the extra time there was a good opportunity to enjoy a little more of the places along the way. The journey followed the same direction, but with different routes as in the previous year, and the travel area covered a wider area.

Personal important things

In addition to road trips, I hike and do shorter tent trips whenever I find the right time and place. In the wild I also pick mushrooms and berries for my needs.

Most of my business services are computer work inside, so camping is a good counterweight to that. Even though, yes I do carry the work on the laptop at least on car trips, because in the summer the work is successful also in the tent. Also when I am on trips still I am reachable on work cases by phone and e-mail.

In addition to the skills of going in the wild, I also like learning other new skills, such as languages. I'm currently studying French. In my spare time I like also to cook, I can do either exactly according to the recipe or fully applied. I also feel comfortable with books and films, recently I have found also the world of audiobooks. In addition to wild animals, I am also interested in domestic animals, and I am very fond of one particular domesticated animal, namely, to a very certain cat, which is also known as my pet.

In addition to these external factors, I am well-characterized by qualities such as imaginative, scholarly, contemplative, trustworthy and true to the word.

On the one hand a good and on the other hand strenuous feature on myself is pernickety. It is very useful, for example, in fine graphic work, but on the other hand, pernickety takes a lot of time for such things where it is not the number one thing. Good thing I can say is that I've learned to be flexible in cases where precise things do not matter.

I am very much interested in psychology, for example. In everyday life and at work, I sometimes reflect on many actions and behaviours of myself and others based on cognitive psychology and personality psychology. It is interesting to think about things based on questions like what and why. There is also plenty to think about in terms of cause and effect, but well, that is more philosophy.

After all, I've noticed that only a few things are those which I don't find interesting perspective. And to sum up with a little exaggeration, I could say that I'm interested in all things, and I want to know, do and understand everything.

From this basis, it is good to be for yourself and for your customer.