Everyone wishing to get a website is welcome to be a client; companies, organizations and private persons. If you have plans with website, take contact and let’s make together free feasibility assessment for your website.

The entity of the website is always customized, and cost of the website is formed by scale and content.

For more information for your website planning, do not hesitate to contact. You can reach us easily by email or contact form.

When you contact, please inform at least as preliminary your plan with:
  • the extent of the site (number of pages)
  • content quality (text, image, etc.)
  • the need for additional services

Additional services:
  • Domain name registration and reservation of server space
  • Maintenance
  • Updating the site
  • Producing content (writing, photography or video)

Work samples

The following websites I have designed and implemented:

Wild Brown Bear company website

I have designed and implemented a site according to the customer's instructions, I have also produced text and photographs. (the template I designed is no longer in use)

Wild Brown Bear company Finnish website

Finnish-language site I have made according the English site, from which I have translated the text into Finnish. (the template I designed is no longer in use)

Bird tourism site for Wild Brown Bear company

I have designed and implemented a website and produced the text content as well as some of the images. (the template I designed is no longer in use)

Bear Camping website

A website for Bear Camping, which is part of Deep Forest

Deep Forest company old website