The wolverine photography season at Wild Brown Bear begins in February while the bear season starts in April when the bears emerge from hibernation. Wolverine season will continue till the end of October. The likelihood of observing wolverine depends on month, but ranges between 60-95% per night.


The Wolverine (Gulo gulo) is the largest land-dwelling species of the family Mustelidae. In Finland the Wolverine population is stable around 200 individuals, and the concentration of this population along primarily the Finnish-Russian border, creates a unique opportunity for photographers and watchers to capture stunning images of these rare mammals in the wild.


The wolverine is a timid and skittish mammal that will need total silence when observing in order to maximise the viewing experience. It must be noted that wolverines are difficult to photograph due to their fast movements and skittish behaviour, because of this a good image is rewarding and unique in its appearance. To bring out some of the wolverines unique behaviour, it is possible for baits to be placed at different heights on the trees surrounding the hides. By doing this the wolverine may stand on their hind legs and even climb onto the trees to reach the meat. It is possible to do this on various trees and this allows a wider array of photographs to be taken.


Again, it must be noted that wolverines react and move much quicker than the bears, being prepared in the field will aid you achieving your perfect photograph. Due to the small size of the wolverine, it is more easily seen moving about on the snow cover, when the snow begins to thaw out and the grasses begin to establish, the wolverine can sometimes be more elusive, which requires more attention from the observer.


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