Rules and Info for Bear Night


There are restrictions regarding luggage weight on airline flights. The weight of the luggage can be reduced by careful consideration of equipment needed. For instance, there is no need to pack a whole tripod unit, a tripod head alone is enough. Photographers simply require camera equipment, tripod head or bean-bag and the right clothing. There are specific things to notice about clothing at different times of the year. In spring and autumn warm clothing is needed. In summer cool-clothing is required as it can be very warm. Check temperature link here


Bear night includes snacks that contains food, drink and utensils. Snack-packs contain thermos flasks of hot water that can be mixed with tea or coffee. Snacks are packed in backpacks that everyone carries themselves to the hide and back. Personal snacks and drinks are allowed if you wish, only alcohol is forbidden. When taking your own extra snacks, simple snacks are recommended and should be taken into account that the packaging doesn’t rustle as this may scare bears.

Going to hide

The hides are located 500-900 meters away, and it will be walked with the guide. The most suitable shoes for walking are hiking boots or other similar kinds of moisture-resistant footwear. Rubber boots are not necessary to pack and if necessary there are rubber boots to borrow. The paths to every hide are either boardwalk or footpath. Hide information is provided prior to the bear night.

Fist time visitors will participate Info before going to hide.

Here you can check some pre-info:


General Information:

  • Prepare before dinner by packing all the equipment and items you will need inside the hide.
  • In the Spring and Autumn extra warm clothing is advised due to the low night-time temperatures. Woolen socks, long sleeved jumper and hat are useful in the cold weather.
  • Although supplied, you are welcome to bring your own sleeping bag to the hide.
  • If you have some medical condition, please let personnel know that.


Walking to the hides:

  • Your guide will lead you to the hides.
  • Telephones have to be switched on silent mode or turned off before leaving for the hides.
  • Talking is not allowed whilst walking to the hides
  • Alcohol consumption is forbidden directly before leaving for the hides.


Inside the hide:

Do not leave the hide before the stated time .

Do not talk and minimize all other noise.

It is forbidden to smoke and consume alcohol.

Do not feed the birds, bears or any other animals.

Remove all outdoor footwear and place by the door or outside the hide.

To prepare and insure minimal noise later, take out all equipment and items you will require during the night as soon as you enter the hide.

The canvas hole is for the use of photographic equipment only and not body parts.

It is forbidden to make any kind of fire.

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