Prices and Timetables 2018

Bear and Wolverine Hide     

140 € / person / night


  • Includes: snack package for night
  • Photography or Observation Hide
  • Photography hides are for 1 - 4 people / hide
  • Observation hides are for group max 8 people / hide




Hide + Accommodation

200 € / person / day and night


  • Includes: accommodation, dinner, breakfast, sauna and snack package for night
  • Accommodation 60 € / person / day and night
  • Bear and Wolverine hide 140 € / person / night




Transfer from/to Kajaani Airport  

200 € (1-3 people)

300 € (4-8 people)

  • Kajaani Airport - Wild Brown Bear - Kajaani Airport
  • From Kajaani Airport to Vartius WBB distance is 125 km and it takes 1 and ½ hour




  • Meeting point Wild Brown Bear in Kuhmo/Vartius


  • Finnair runs the flight transfer between Helsinki and Kajaani. We strongly recommend to travel on the 9.00-10.00 or 13:00-14:05 arrival flight into Kajaani, as this insures using the Photography/Observation hide the same night. If you take the flight arriving into Kajaani at 17:00-18:35 pm, it is only possible to use the hides the following night.





Prices 2018

Bear and Wolverine Hide                  140 €/1 person/1 night

Accommodation *                            60 €/1 person/1 night

Accommodation**                            70 €/1 person/1 night

Single supplement for accommodation               60 €/night

Dinner                                                                    20 €

Breakfast                                                                 10 €

Sauna                                                10 €/1 person/hour

Smoke sauna                                             150 €/3 hours

Laundry                                                                    5 €

Bird Hide                                                            5 €/day


*Accommodation price for customers who use also Bear and Wolverine Hide. Accommodation package includes Dinner, Breakfast and Sauna

**Basic accommodation price for accommodation only customers. Accommodation includes Breakfast and Sauna.

Notice changing timetable for months below


Timetable for Hides

Timetable for Hide + Accommodation

These timetables for check-in and check-out are recommendations, if you have earlier or later flight or something else, ask about it, we´ll work it out.


Timetables are changing because of the activity of bears and wolverines.


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