Bear and Wolverine Hides

The Wild Brown Bear specialises in observing the wildlife at very close distances; specifically the bear and wolverine. Although long telephoto lenses can be used effectively it allows the photographer to express creativity with wide angle lenses as well. Hides are suitable for filming bears and wolverines similar way.

Bears and Wolverines move all around the area, the primary thing what matters when selecting the hide is the type of surroundings you want to have.

Walking from the main lodge to the hides is an enjoyable experience. There are no steep inclines or declines en route, and there is the opportunity to spot various bird species along the way.

These hides are only a short 500 - 900 meters walk from the main lodge, and a path and boardwalks guides the way to the hides.

All hides have windows for observation of scenery.

Most our hides front wall is designed to oblique, because of that it is also possible to use full tripod set in almost every of our hides. Our specially made photography plank is still more convenient for photographing. We have these photography planks and bolts to attach tripod head in every hide.


And you can use as many cameras as possible, without extra fees.

If you book a hide for yourself, we don´t place anyone else in your hide.


All hides have beds, including mattress, sleeping bag, duvet, pillow. Most of the hides have beds like in the image alongside. Hide 1 have a lower bed and a mattress with beddings to place on the floor. Also, one person hides 13 and 14 have a mattress with beddings to place on the floor. Hides includes also toilet pail and paper inside hide.


Hides includes 3/8” bolts for tripod head.


Snack package includes to hide.




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