Marketing Materials

In addition to websites, it is possible to order also other marketing materials for print or digital purposes. All marketing and other materials are planned and customized together with client.

Products can be, for example
  • printed marketing products (see Printable products)
  • business cards
  • ads
  • brochures
  • covers
  • flyers
  • labels
  • posters
  • banners

For more information about marketing materials for your needs, do not hesitate to contact.

You can enquiry easily by email or contact form.

Work samples

The following layouts and marketing materials I have designed and implemented:

Birdfair UK 2017

Image banner 3pcs W200xH100cm
Name banner W200xH40cm
Exhibition table
Wall maps W70xH50cm
Two-sided brochures A4
Business cards
Service presentation on computer

Nature Photo of the Year -event Finland 2016

Roll-ups 2pcs W85xH200
Exhibition table
Business cards
Brochures A4


BBC Wildlife -magazine 2017







Newsletters 2016-2018

Layout and content production

Photographing Wild Brown Bear in Finland -book 2016

Cover and page layout
Image processing

Mielen väreet -book 2016

Cover and page layout
Image processing