About Company

Deep Forest Ltd. is company founded 2017, and it is one-person company whose office is located in Oulu, but thanks to the Internet, it is possible easily to work globally. The company's basic principles include providing its services flexibly, with high quality and reliability.

The company is heading into several line of business. Lines of business includes organizing of accommodation, tourism and program services, publishing, photography, education, camp activities, consulting, shop operation and advertising design and marketing globally.

In practice, I do photography, designing and producing material for advertising and marketing. In the future, I will make more books and plan is that the company will organize photography courses and field trips.

As a small company I can act flexibly and competitively. Because of my broad knowledge and line of business I can work in a wide range of work that also benefits the client.

From these bases it is good to go on.

In summer 2018

I visited Lapland for week and couple days tour. The eighth morning came with the sun shining and warming. After the morning coffee, the journey continued 100 km to village KilpisjƤrvi and the climbing to mountain Saana.

Entrepreneur : Lauri Luhtaniemi

Vocational qualifications:
  • 2006-2010 Vocational upper secondary qualification in Audiovisual Communication, Media Assistant
  • 2006-2010 Upper secondary school, Matriculation Examination
  • 2012-2015 Vocational upper secondary qualification in Child Care and Education and Family Welfare, Children's Instructor

  • 2017 Managing a growth company

Most important employment relationships:
  • 2018 Chief Executive Officer, Wild Brown Bear Ltd.
  • 2017→ Entrepreneur

For Wild Brown Bear company I've done websites, brochures and other marketing materials on a regular basis during 2015-2018.